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Fit Responder 5 Minutes Meal Cook Book

These recipes are low in calories, high in protein, and super fast to make!

Fit Responder Finally Fit Guide

Most people approach the process in ways that are inefficient, complicated, difficult, and tough to stick to.
But what are the ways to make the process doable, work very well, and lead you to long-term success? In the Finally Fit Guide, I go over those three pillars so you can get great results and make them last.

Fit Responder Fitness eBook

I made this guide to help clear things up a bit. It truly is from the heart and backed by our experience, and attention to evidence and research.

Fit Responder Recipe Guide

Getting fit can be difficult if you have no idea what to eat. Even if you have an idea, without the right approach it can be monotonous and boring after some time.

Fit Responder Restaurant Cheat Sheet

Sometimes eating fast food or dining at your favorite restaurant can feel like an obstacle when it comes to getting great fitness results.

Fit Responder Supplement Guide

When seeking the help and support of a supplement is to identify a potential challenge or issue you are having, then consulting studies and research on the efficacy of that supplement to treat or assist the issue. This should be obvious, but do not trust commercials or anecdotal claims, such as a ripped bodybuilder claiming success from a pill.

Fit Responder Sustainable and Lasting Fat Loss

Covering everything I know about fat loss could fill a thick book (I sound smart now huh? Or maybe just arrogant). BUT, I thought I could share some overlooked concepts that I found are very key to success in the fitness game

Foundational Five Back Pain

Back pain can make fitness a huge challenge but some simple approaches can significantly decrease back pain or eliminate it entirely for most cases.

Ten steps for fitness

Review steps 1-10 and try to identify where are you lacking. It could be one or more of these categories. It may seem overwhelming at first to fix it all but set a goal to tackle one of these steps at a time. “This week I will focus on being more mindful of my portion sizes!” That would be an excellent first step. Or “This week I will go to bed as early as I can, and I won’t stay up late to watch tv shows.” Another great step.