Hand selected experts in fitness, specializing in working with First Responders. Our team is highly trained and experienced, certified or degreed to guide you with effective methods for your specific goals.

1:1 Personalized Coaching for First Responders and their Families

Meet the Fit Responder Team

Ted & Emily Stern

Founders of the Fit Responder Program: I met my wife Emily while we both worked for the same Sheriff’s Office. At that time, I was 40+lbs overweight with high-blood pressure. Even though we were both experienced personal trainers and dedicated Deputies, I was failing at my own fitness while she was succeeding. She showed me some powerful methods to lose fat and build serious muscle. My transformation from fat to fit (and healthy) inspired many others on our department. We began sharing our methods and started coaching others, and created so many success stories that we decided to become professional fitness coaches full time. We created the Fit Responder Program, retired and left our Law Enforcement careers to help others achieve their ultimate fitness goals. Since then, we have made a huge impact on countless lives and have no plans to stop!

Dustin Simmons

Vice President/Coaching Manager

NCSF PT Certified
NASM Bodybuilding and Physique Coach

Former Sheriff Deputy/Detective

Current NPC Competitor

My personal journey from obesity to fitness has provided me with valuable insights and lessons that have helped me become successful in both life and fitness. As a Fit Responder consumer since 2020, I discovered my passion for helping, teaching, and motivating others in their fitness journeys. I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF), and I relish every moment of my work in this field.
I am able to positively impact thousands of lives every day. While I work with a select number of clients, I also train and mentor other coaches to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service. In 2021, I left my law enforcement career to focus on helping my fellow first responders and pursuing my passion for fitness.
In 2022, I was challenged by Ted to step on stage with him. Though I initially doubted myself, I put in the hard work and achieved the feat of stepping on stage. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I hope to compete again in the future.
Having been at 300lbs before at a height of 5’8, I understand the difficulties of the journey to fitness. However, I know that by taking small steps and focusing on taking control of your life, anyone can achieve their desired level of fitness. As a family man with two growing boys and a loving wife, I am passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals and take control of their lives.

Coach Luke Leinweber

Team Leader

USAW Level 1 Sports Performance

CrossFit Level 2

Former Collegiate Athlete
Rogue 1000lb club recipient

Fitness has been a huge part of my life in every way! From the high school weight room, to playing professional rugby, to being a busy husband and Dad, fitness has always played a major role. I love how fitness can always evolve and change to whatever people’s goals are, and there is never a time that is too late to start!

I love being a part of the Fit Responder family. I love being able to support people in their journeys and help guide them to a healthy sustainable future so they can be their best both on the job, and at home

Coach Donny Sherman

NSCA-Certified personal trainer

NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist

B.A. and M.S. in Exercise Science from McDaniel College

Current police officer and field training officer in Howard County, Maryland.

“I love how much fitness can influence and cause positive change in someone’s life. Going through a rough workout can translate to successfully navigating a hardship in someone’s life.

Fitness and nutrition have allowed me to have a successful athletic career and has helped me in my current career in law enforcement.

Fit Responder allowed me to combine my passions of fitness/coaching and law enforcement to be able to help like-minded individuals succeed in life and their pursuits of health and fitness.

Coach Reid Leinart

Crossfit Level 1

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP)

Master of Science (MS)

Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN)

I am a dedicated Emergency Department Nurse Practitioner in Salt Lake City, Utah. I possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of health and fitness. My extensive background includes 10+ years of CrossFit and Olympic lifting, as well as over 20 years of weight training experience. Furthermore, I hold the prestigious title of Level 1 CrossFit Instructor, a testament to my commitment to this discipline.
One of my greatest passions is helping individuals achieve their health goals, whether they be friends, clients, or patients. I take pride in my ability to identify and address their unique needs and concerns, and to provide expert guidance and support every step of the way. My mission is to help others realize their full potential and lead healthier, happier lives through the power of fitness and wellness.

Russell Medeiros

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

NCI Level 1 and WAG Nutritional Coach Certified.

Police Officer Northern CA

U. S. Coast Guard Veteran

I have been a Police Officer for the past 18 years. I’ve had many special assignments and instructor duties. I served as a U. S. Coast Guardsman for 8 years prior to my Law Enforcement career.

I’ve always been into fitness spending countless hours in the gym. The problem was that I didn’t look like I spent hours in the gym. In my 40’s I got frustrated with my lack of progress. I hired a bodybuilding coach and was amazed that I was eating more and in the gym less and seeing incredible results. I realized that I had a passion for helping others reach their goals and got my certifications to become a health coach.

I am a father of two young boys and when I went through my fitness journey I was working as a Detective with a crazy on call schedule while being a single parent of my kids. I know the demands of being a First Responder and parenting.

I was lucky enough to be hired on to the Fit Responder Team combining my two passions First Responders and fitness. I love working with others to help achieve their goals.

Caleb Gallagher

A little bit about me: I have 12 Years of Law Enforcement Experience with Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science (Cal State University of Northridge), and a Masters Degree in Emergency Management (Cal State University of Long Beach).

Throughout my 12 years as a Sheriff’s Deputy, I have worked many different assignments including Custody, Court, Patrol, Sex Crimes and School Resource Officer. I played Division 1 Baseball at Cal State Northridge. I’ve always been very competitive and fitness has been a top priority in my life. I have enjoyed helping others live a healthier lifestyle. Health and fitness is a top priority to the Fit Responder Family and I’m honored to be part of this movement and help our brothers and sisters become “Fit Responders”.

I’m a father of two and have been with my beautiful wife since we were 15 years old. Being a father and husband is my number one job. It is important for me to be a healthy role model for my children. I want to be around for all of the important milestones. I know health is the most important aspect of my life because without it, I’m not able to be there for my family to the best of my ability.

I have known Ted for the past 12 years and I am honored to be part of this team and change the lives of many First Responders.

Levi Woodard

Hey there, here is just a little about me.

I was born and raised in South Dakota, I was an active member of the Civil Air Patrol for most of my teenage years. I also worked with my father doing construction since about the time I could walk and hold a hammer.

When I was 15 I started running our family construction company as my dad stepped back to do other things with the church he pastors and working with a local funeral home. I stayed with that for a few years doing work in South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and beyond.

In 2018 I changed course and started as a 911 dispatcher for a regional dispatch center that covered nearly half of South Dakota. To keep up with the changes that year I got married to my beautiful wife Kaycee. Today we still reside in the Rapid City area. I work full time for a global cyber security company, I am a former client of Fit Responder and now have the honor of working for Ted as an advisor for people interested in the program. I still am involved with public safety, I am a Captain for the Rapid Valley Fire Department. I currently serve as the supply captain overseeing our inventory, managing logistics, and equipment.

Joel Laney

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

CrossFit Level 2 Coach

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

Former EMT 

Former Police Officer

2022 CrossFit’s 9th Fittest Police Officer in the World

2023 CrossFit SemiFinals Athlete

2021 and 2022 CrossFit SemiFinals Team Athlete

I was a patrol officer with both the Saint Louis Metropolitan and Town and Country Police Departments. Overall I had a little over three years of experience between the two Departments. It was during this time that I realized there was an incredible need for a program to teach and help First Responders live healthier lives. This is when I left the profession, and returned to Personal Training and coaching at a local CrossFit Affiliate here in Saint Louis, Missouri. At this time, I stumbled upon Fit Responder and could not have started coaching within this program quick enough.

I have a wide range of experience coaching and personal training. I have coached at CrossFit Affiliates, Orangetheory Fitness Studios, and worked one-on-one in the personal training setting. I have been involved with fitness, weightlifting, sports, etc. my entire life. I was awarded the “Best in Physical Training”, “Best in Defensive Tactics”, and “Best Overall Recruit” upon my graduation from the Police Academy. Also, during my tenure as a Patrol Officer I was awarded the “9th Fittest Police Officer in the World” during the 2022 CrossFit Games season. I am currently certified as a CrossFit Level 1 Coach, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach.

Coach Jordann Hammond


Group Training Instructor

TRX certified 

Widow-LEO/Military wife

Ex-German Soccer team player

I grew up in California as a competitive soccer player, spending years of training to prepare for college. My senior year, I had just reached the highest level in club soccer and received offers for a full scholarship, but unfortunately, an ankle injury ruined those plans. Despite the setback, I believe that everything happens for a reason and I ended up meeting my husband. We moved to Germany while he was serving in the Army, and it was there that I became interested in fitness. I spent a lot of time at the base gym helping other Army wives work out and even played for a German soccer team.
Upon returning to the US, my husband became a police officer in Texas, and I joined Gold’s Gym. I was eventually approached to become the Head Coach, and I started my journey as a trainer. During my time at Gold’s Gym, I had the opportunity to do everything from group training, TRX certification, 1:1 training, boot camps, and eventually Assistant Fitness Manager. I also developed a love for CrossFit and competing in fun competitions. However, after having my daughter, I took a break from coaching and focused on my nutrition and fitness journey.
I then had the opportunity to coach at Orangetheory and F45, which eventually led me to Fit Responder. Being able to help first responders with their fitness and nutrition journeys has been an incredible experience, as I grew up in a family of first responders and was married to one. I understand the unique challenges that first responders face, including long work hours, stress, and poor eating habits. At Fit Responder, I am not just a trainer but a friend who is there to help each individual reach their goals.
Currently, I am a LEO widow with a three-year-old daughter, and my faith and fitness are still a significant part of my life. I am working on getting my NASM nutrition certification and want to use my background to help others on their journey.

Tanner Starnes

ASFA Personal Trainer

Crossfit Level 1 instructor

I’m a husband, Father of 2, and Fulltime firefighter/EMT.Certified by the ASFA (American Sports and Fitness Association) with previous certifications in ISSA (International Sports Science Association) and CrossFit Level 1.

I developed my passion for fitness in high school athletics and it has continued to follow me throughout my entire life. I began personal training in 2014 and saw the positive impact I could make on people’s health and well-being.

It was that same passion that led me into becoming a first responder. Fitness and nutrition is a never-ending learning process, much like our careers and that’s something that I have always enjoyed.

There’s nothing more rewarding than getting to be a part of someone’s life when they decide to flip that switch and go all in on themselves.

With Fit Responder there’s a community of those individuals that have made that decision and I’m lucky enough to get to be a part of that process

Coach Carrie Howell Wilburn

Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

Certified Weight Loss Specialist (NASM)

Level I and II Firefighter & Fire Instructor (IFSAC)


CPAT Proctor (KY State Fire Commission-State Fire Rescue Training)

Ph.D. in Educational and Counseling Psychology

I have 22 years experience as a career firefighter, engine Lieutenant, arson investigator and Major. In my previous career I was a school psychologist with a focus on crisis management and crisis debriefing.

I enjoyed working out in high school and college but truly developed a love for fitness when I started training to apply for the fire department. A friend of mine was the strength coach for our university’s football team and he agreed to train me. He taught me so much about strength training, how to reach my goals, and feel comfortable in the gym. Once I joined the fire department I realized how important it was to maintain a level of fitness for duty; for myself, my family and my crew.

I love being part of the Fit Responder team. The coaches and members are a community just like the fire department. Additionally, I enjoy being able to help others reach their goals the way my coach helped me. I also love being part of the Fit Responder team because I believe in the program. It teaches healthy sustainable habits that individuals can use for the rest of their lives

Coach Alysia Stefaniw

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Nutrition Certificationv

EMT certification in 2014

Growing up, I was always fit and played highschool/college sports. I had my daughter in 2012 at 21 years old and had gained 75 lbs. At 205 lbs and what was supposed to be the happiest time in my life, all I could do was look in the mirror disgusted with what I saw looking back.

I decided to make a change and wanted to be able to support my daughter and I. I signed up to take the local County Jailor civil service test and used that as motivation to get fit again, since making a fool of myself at physical agility wasn’t an option for me.

I began running and biking but to my surprise, didn’t lose a single pound over the course of a couple months. What used to work for me, no longer did and that’s when resistance training came into my life. I ended up losing about 75 lbs in 9 months. I found my confidence again, I saw muscle tone, and I was able to do all the things I once loved without being out of breath. Not only did I lose the weight, but here I am 8 years later and I’ve maintained my fat/weight loss, I’ve built a huge amount of muscle and I’m the fittest I’ve ever been.

Not to mention everything I do brushes off on my daughter who is now also very curious about fueling her body with the right foods and joins me for a workout once in a while. I became so passionate about fitness through my own journey, it inspired me to help others in similar places that I was mentally and physically.

I was a Monroe County Sheriff Jailor for almost 4 years, I decided to test my limits and became a City Police Officer in Rochester, NY for the last 4 years.

PS. I did most of this while being a single parent and working awful evening and midnight hours.

Working as a Coach for Fit Responder has been such a rewarding experience. Not only do I get to use my knowledge to educate others to reach their goals, I also get to be there with them during their journey to see all the amazing results our clients see on a daily basis. There is nothing more exhilarating than to see a client go from having no confidence, depressed and upset with themselves to thriving, smiling and confident (not to mention all the knowledge they get to take with them to maintain their healthy lifestyle for the long run). I love being a part of this amazing team!”

Coach Michelle Edwards

LEO Wife and a mother of 3

BS in Occupational Safety and Health

NSCF Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist Specialist

Hey there my name is Michelle Edwards and I have a strong passion to take care of others. Married to my best friend John and we have three beautiful children – 22, 18, and 10.

I was brought up in a little town called Lubbock, TX. There I was a dental assistant for a local dentist and loved everything about taking care of his patients. During this time, I was part of the OSHA coordinating team and little did I know that this would take me to the next phase of our lives.

John accepted a position for a huge company in San Antonio, TX which brought us to where we are today. While he was pursuing his passion in the first responder field as a police officer (now detective), I returned to school and graduated with my BS in Occupational Safety and Health. Shortly after I graduated, I started my fitness journey.

Fast forward to 2016, I am in the parking lot training with others and have the strong desire to become a fitness instructor. Knowing that I have the background from my education on the human body and how it works, I thought hey this will help me teach people the fundamentals of how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

For about 5 years, I had the opportunity to help 100s of people through their fitness journeys and during this time I also had many of my own set backs that I had to overcome. In 2020 I found out I had a small fracture in my low back that would need to be repaired. Never had surgery so had no idea what to expect.

In 2021, my lumbar was fused between L4 and L5 and I had no idea how much of a challenge this was going to be. I had to learn how to walk again with lots of help and PT. Still dealing with some numbness in the right leg, but better each and every day. Then in 2022 I had to have a disc replaced in my neck and this one is so much easier to come back from.

During my journey, there have been some ups and downs and many times tears. But I kept reminding myself that tomorrow will be a better day. Remaining optimistic in the journey has helped me rise above so many of the mountains and valleys. Learning it is ok to not be ok and pushing forward where we can. Believing in the process is key to success.

Coach Jennifer Telford

My name is Jennifer Telford and I am the nutritionist for First Responder Wellness. I have been working with our first responders for the past 2 years in this program as a fitness specialist and now as the nutrition specialist. I have worked in law enforcement and fire since 2006, with 14 years specifically in law enforcement training academies. I was a training instructor for a police academy as well as responsible for the fitness and wellness of numerous specialist units such as SWAT, Close Protection and Mobile Field Forces.

In 2018 I graduated from California Baptist University with a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on nutrition. My husband is ex-military and law enforcement so my experience and passion for what I do hits very close to home.

Over the years of working with first responders I have witnessed first hand the powerful impact nutrition and exercise has on not only the physical health, but the mental and emotional wellbeing of those who serve our communities and country.

I love seeing the changes when a client is able to adapt the healthy nutrition and exercise ideas into their daily lifestyle and make long term progress to their overall health and wellbeing. I understand the unique challenges that face our first responders and how the human body responds to stress and the how proper nutrition and exercise helps to heal and strengthen the body and mind

Coach/Client Advisor Brian Smoot

I was born in Orlando, FL, and relocated to St. Joseph, MO, at the age of four. From a young age, I discovered my passion for physical activities, beginning with wrestling at the age of five and later taking up boxing at eight. It’s often said that I could wrestle before I could read.
After residing in Missouri until the age of 12, I returned to Florida. At just 13 years old, I achieved the prestigious position of Captain on the Varsity Wrestling team, a testament to my dedication and leadership abilities.

With an unwavering love for fitness, I embarked on a journey to become a professional personal trainer at the age of 20. In that very same year, I had the good fortune of meeting my beloved wife, with whom I have shared 20 incredible years of marriage. Together, we have nurtured and guided our two children, who have now blossomed into successful adults.

Presently, I find immense joy in spending my days either exploring the wonders of Walt Disney World (we frequent it more often than I would care to admit) or indulging in the simple pleasure of watching a captivating film, cherishing every moment spent alongside my wife.

Driven by my lifelong dedication to fitness and my unwavering commitment to family, I aspire to inspire others to embrace an active lifestyle, nurture their relationships, and find fulfillment in the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

Tyler Billington

Mens Lead Coach

Crossfit Level 1 

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

ISSA Nutrition Certification 


Grid League Athlete 

Growing up fitness has always been a part of my life. I played several sports all throughout highschool. Out of high school, I joined the army and that’s when my real fitness journey began. I knew I needed to get stronger and increase my overall capacity. I have always been what most would consider “a hard gainer” . I have to work really hard to gain weight and put on muscle. I started lifting weights and found CrossFit where I started taking classes and eventually started coaching at my local affiliate. I started getting competitive in 2015 and I have competed in CrossFit, the Atlantic GRID league, Olympic weightlifting, and completed triathlons. The training for each of these competitions looked very different and I learned a lot along the way. I took courses in health and fitness science, obtained my CrossFit level 1, and learned from some of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the area.

I met my wife through CrossFit and we opened our own gym CrossFit Stacked in 2018. During this time, I coached clients as young as 6 and as old as 72. We grew our membership base and made lifelong friends while pursuing our own fitness goals. While owning the gym I also began a career with The Hickory Fire Department and it complimented my fitness goals well. It was a busy time juggling a business, coaching all classes, and being on a 24:48 shift. We had our first son in 2020 and sold the gym in 2021 to make more time for the family. Selling the gym was a great decision for work/life balance. However, it left a void, where I no longer was training clients and helping them reach their goals.

In 2022, I found Fit Responder. Joining this company, I have been able to fulfill my coaching passion, stay active with my volunteer fire community, and continue to teach portions of the fire academy at our local community college. I have clients that have completely changed their lives both physically and mentally. Seeing someone reach their goals to lose weight or gain muscle is great, but seeing that same person gain confidence and tell me they can perform their job or play with their kids without having to stop to catch their breath is what makes this the most rewarding.

Overall, I love what I do and my goal is to lead an authentic and balanced life through exercise and nutrition for my clients and my own family. I hope that inspires others to do the same because everyday is an opportunity to work a little harder and move closer to reaching those goals.

Shawn Hamrick

I’m a husband, father of 3, and I work full-time as a client advisor for the Fit Responder Team!

I have always been fit during my life due to being active, playing sports, and enjoying fitness. I strongly believe health and fitness is a journey and we are all trying to improve daily.

I have a few years of law enforcement experience between the police department and the Sheriff’s Office in my area. I have also worked in communications as a 911 telecommunicator for the Sheriff’s Office. I received the physical fitness award coming out of the academy but got a reality check once I began working on patrol. I gained over 50lbs in my first year and began to have health issues (high blood pressure). This scared the shit out of me! So I made a commitment to myself to not be the “fat cop” and began my fitness journey to become healthier. I eventually lost the 50lbs I had gained and put on a bit of muscle in the process. You can do the same!

“The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.” What does your daily agenda look like?

Coach Alana Nel

Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer 

Yoga Alliance 500 hr Registered Yoga Teacher (Vikasa 200/Aligned 300)

Girls Gone Strong Pre and Postnatal Coaching Specialist

Alana is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and dual certified personal trainer with specialties in pre and postnatal coaching. She has been teaching yoga since 2018 and training clients in-person and online since 2021.
Before embarking on her yoga teaching journey, Alana had extensive experience teaching swimming, leading group fitness classes, and coaching various sports. She initially turned to yoga as part of her injury recovery process and quickly developed a deep affinity for the practice. However, like many others, she realized that her body required more than just yoga to reach its full potential.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Alana experienced weight gain, lethargy, and dissatisfaction with her life. Determined to prioritize her own well-being and pursue a healthier lifestyle, she began to explore weight loss techniques and incorporated resistance training into her yoga practice. Through her efforts, she lost 40 pounds and discovered a newfound passion for fitness.
Inspired by the transformative power of personal training and online coaching, Alana decided to pursue personal training as part of her career. She has personally experienced the significant impact that having a knowledgeable coach can have on one’s fitness journey, and is dedicated to supporting her clients in achieving their health and wellness goals.

Coach Trey Daniels

Current Action Certification in Personnel Training

Current Police Officer

Defensive Tactics Instructor

Brazilian jujitsu competitor 

Former CrossFit Coach/Competitor

I am currently and have been a Police Officer in the Kansas City area for approximately 7 years. At my police department I am the Head Defensive Tactics Instructor, SWAT Trained, part of the Bike Unit, a drone operator, and a part of our LPVO Unit. I was also recently recognized for Officer of the Year.

Prior to becoming a police officer I was a Personal Trainer at a local gym. While training I also found a passion for CrossFit as well as boxing and became coaches with both. I have a huge passion for health and fitness and love spreading my knowledge with others.

I am married with 3 daughters. In my free time I love coaching them in soccer and spending as much time with them as I can.

Coach Sam Starlin

B.S. Colorado State University




USAF Special Missions Combat Search and Rescue (door gunner). TOML

After roundhouse kicking my way out of the womb and immediately growing a mullet, I spent my life chasing sunsets and finding my limits of performance.
I served two separate terms in the military as an F-15E Crew Chief and as an HH-60 helicopter door gunner in a Combat Search and Rescue Squadron. I also lived in and played rugby in Australia and Fiji. My other love of my life is two wheels and I grew up riding and racing motorcycles and still ride everyday that ends in “Y”.
Growing up in Colorado I’ve always been in love with the mountains and outdoors and love getting lost in the wilderness. When I can’t do that, I find the gym is a good second option.
I have trained Powerlifters to world records, volleyball athletes, baseball and football players and was the Strength and Conditioning coach for my squadron. In addition, I have opened gyms in Mexico, and Malaysia, and did coach development in gyms in Japan as well as the U.S.
I have also performed Ice Ice Baby karaoke at no less than four weddings.
My personal favorite way to train is to take elements of all the different types of training I’ve done, strongman, powerlifting, sport performance, bodybuilding and crossfit and make a sustainable no nonsense program meant to keep you jacked n tan and functional. Basically, Tactically, Ripped. I’m working on a trademark for that one.

Tori Malone


Sports Nutrition Coach


Outside of being an Accountability Coach with First Responders, I am currently working one-on-one with clients at a local gym in Pennsylvania. I have worked with a variety of clients but most enjoy addressing muscle imbalances and functional fitness.

I have been married to a former Marine for ten years and we have a five year old son. We have lived all along the West Coast but decided to settle down on the East Coast to be close to my husbands’ siblings. As a family we enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping, but also let our nerd flag fly and love gaming together, both on the PC and console.

Shawn crocker

CrossFit Level 2,

Working Against Gravity Nutrition,



I started coaching full time in 2018, after having explored kettlebell certifications and my CrossFit Level 1. My fitness journey started in high school with mixed martial arts, mostly competitive jiu jitsu. I found CrossFit as a means to improve my strength and conditioning and grew to love competing and learning everything I could about the strength and conditioning field. A love of helping others was born out of that pursuit, and I have happily coached competitive and every day athletes through their weight loss, physical autonomy and highest competitive desires!

Brian Shanley


ASFA Personal Trainer

B.S. Integrated Health Sciences from Western Carolina University

Fitness was always a part of my life but never to the capacity it needed to be until a few years ago. Growing up I always played baseball and wrestled when in high school. That led to a broken leg, but more importantly, planted the seed of fascination with the human body and how it works. From there I decided that I wanted to get involved with anything health science and gave me my start with Athletic Training. For the remaining of high school, I practiced athletic training for every sporting event that was available.
This led me to pursue my desire for physical therapy when in college. I attended Western Carolina University where I majored in Integrated Health Sciences with a concentration in pre-professional sciences to prepare for graduate school. However, this is where it would end. I would go to take 1 year off where I would find out where my journey would go.
While in college I was very overweight and extremely unhappy with my body but unmotivated to make a change. Upon graduating while in my gap year I dedicated my life to fitness. In this year’s frame I lost nearly 60 pounds and dove headfirst into any new challenge. This is where I decided to apply for the fire service and broadened my horizons of knowledge. Everyone I met from this period has shaped my fitness journey and have encouraged me to chase and conquer new goals. Whether they be starting with a spartan race, beginning CrossFit, practicing mixed martial arts, or running a marathon.